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It has been a minute indeed, after scattering my time over too many platforms I decided to come back to here and youtube for a refocusing of my connective attention.  https://www.youtube.com/user/gooc8480/videos is my youtube channel.

Now I also started a new company, Future Paradigm Solutions, LLC (website updates coming soon).

Mission Statement:  A transitional institution assisting in production and distribution methods to provide an accessibly sustainable abundance of human needs.

Priority one: enhance automated farming techniques,  starting with the open source farmbot and creating harvest techniques as well as adding an axis for tending vertical walls.

Other Priorities:

continue and assist in the development of additively manufacturing aerospace components and other aluminum parts.

using newer graphitized carbon techniques assist in the development of batteries produced from waste tires and paper.




Lost Memories

A funny thing they are, always drifting around our minds elusively. Until that trigger, whether its a smell, a sound, or even a place, kicks those memories back into the foreground. Then the brief rush of associated memories, are also remembered. That is, at least we remember them because of the last time we thought of them. There they are thier though, always changing, mixing, fading, memories merging together to form events that may or may not have happened. If they did happen it is most likely not as you remember it.

Can we wear memories out? I often wonder that by thinking of some older things too much, we might somehow taint the meaning or purity of that moment. Maybe relative ideas and emotions that have happened since that memory will effect the overall impact of said recollection. I only ponder this as I remember the most profound and entrancing recollections are those that I had almost forgotten about, locked away by irrelevance or time. Usually come on with a flow of other memories, sometimes I can meditate on these and remember even more, unlocking memories like pulling a chain from a dark hole and the links are memories coming to light and splitting off with more chains attached.

Sometimes, although understandably  much less, I will have moments in which I remember a lack of knowledge, things I once knew. I am not talking about someones phone number. I mean an entire sense of emotion or feeling. The best way I can relate to this emotion is the way that people feel when they realize someone they new isn’t or wasn’t who they thought they were. Maybe they changed, or maybe they simply never were who you thought.

Everything in our lives add up always becoming more than there sum. Humans can relive those memories to keep the ideas, feelings, and moments that bring us joy and happiness. We can use them to empower us and help us remember what we have accomplished and experienced in our life. It can be a way for us to hold on to sanity during moments of duress.

Nothing really ends, it just changes, and we can guide that change

Unstoppable ripples from every action and idea continues into infinity.

By: Matthew Gooch

Every action you make every idea you communicate unalterable influences other actions and ideas. Since everything is energy this can be imagined easily, its like a ripple of energy waves colliding with other energy waves off into infinity. If a flutterby’s flapping can cause a hurricane halfway around the earth then a lifetime of actions will permanently alter the course of the solar system? galaxy? who knows. Maybe if one or a few people would have not been born we would still use the term flutterby instead of butterfly.  Lets agree to disagree, otherwise we will spend the rest of our time in misery.

Or will we? I just laugh when people come at me with the attitude and mentality that there is no point in trying to change the grand narrative of our time because of this or that. Two wrongs don’t make a right, so, I guess its over now?

That is what the opposition wants to see, it’s a form of failure to think you’re powerless to change the circumstance you are in and give up. If you never understand what your capable of you won’t become capable of understanding how we have come so far as a human race with so many setbacks. Sounds confusing but basically, If you feel like you can’t win, you probably won’t.

Everything is changing constantly and people fight this, especially those with lots to loose, even if it’s only the possibility of loss, their paranoia sets in and they fight that chance. You can’t patch a broken arm with a broken splint and expect it to heal straight. The people in power are trying to “fix” the problems of today are doing just that. They know that people realize things are messed up and don’t know how to fix it but if we try to solve our problems with the same mindset that got us here we will fail, but they encourage us to do so because it benefits them that things don’t change, unless they want them to. In which case they will present us with the two accessible solutions that suit there needs.

Bail out the banks? why not, right? but how can they be encouraged to change the practices that got them there if we keep bailing them out? Everyone knows it’s the people on the bottom that suffer, yet they support it through blindly following corruptly misrepresented leadership. Leadership with a mindset you or I could never truly understand. People that were most often groomed for that position for years getting greedier and greedier with every kickback and successful swindling of the people.

Where did some of this mindset come from, well, economically we are still guided by ideas from people like Adam Smith speaking of the “invisible hand” that will magically correct our markets (I think we all know who’s hand it is and its only tipping the scale in their favor.) Companies are operating on principles based on endless land and resources.

Culturally, most of us have been raised watching TV and even if you weren’t most likely more than a few of the people in your social circle of influence were. Monkey see monkey do, a very simple way of stating the fact that our actions are the result of our input. All the way from back when we first became aware of patterns in phenomena happening around us. Subconsciously, we are actually quite easy to control on a behavior level. In order for this to be most effective it is important that critical thinking is removed from the equation to ensure subliminal messages are received constantly and not questioned on a conscious level. This happens through the mass media and established norms.

Structurally (and globally) our societies have been dominated in the larger part by a small group of wealthy and powerful people. I am talking about money you couldn’t spend in a hundred lifetimes. One of these families has hundreds of trillions, yes with a T, if you don’t know of whom I speak already, it’s the Rothschild family. Maybe your thinking about that Forbes list? And how they are not on it. It’s because they own it. Others include the Rockefeller family,  Strong family, and a handful of others that combined own over half of the wealth (the Pope included). Before these powerful groups were at opposition to one another, and some still are, however others have bonded together or eliminated to competition. In retrospect the group of people have gotten smaller in relation to the total population and in general. But the goal is always the same, more for them, less for us.

Most of our road and transportation infrastructure was built in large by companies and in order to serve there short term purpose like logging or mining or by government wanting better mobility of troops and supplies in case of invasion. For a long time, economy and efficiency was not really in the forefront of this planning. This causes us to waste resources and time on an outdated infrastructure when entirely new forms of technology should be proliferated to benefit everyone.

Almost all of industry has been guided by one goal and especially so as of late, maximum profits, traditionally, there is no variable for human life in most of the corporate world and their financial models, that is, unless in relation to the consumer. People displaced, injured, poisoned, maimed, and even killed are usually of little concern to large corporations (unless it’s made public on a large scale) regardless of what they attempt to convince you of. How can a company spend 1 billion promoting a 1 million dollar donation to some non-profit and come across as humanitarian. How can a mining company poison the land (and people who use that land) for hundreds if not thousands of years and still be allowed to continue doing business as usual (only in U.S. and a handful of countries would they be fined). How can an oil company destroy countless ecosystems doing irrepressible long-term damage and still be allowed to practice with only fines amounting to a few days worth of production profits for each mistake.

With most international corporations and organizations, on the global scheme of things, its all about conglomeration and merging power and money through force and dominance. The dirty little secret is that the masses have the power to stop it, literally in one day. Well, change the power structure at least. The trick with doing it that fast is there would have to be a mass revelation. It’s not totally unimaginable. During WWII soldiers on both sides stopped fighting for a few days and actually played soccer and met in “no-mans land” for a while until there superior officers demanded them start fighting and started killing people for deserting.

Random fact, only 19 people were convicted at the Nuremberg trials. Most were forgiven of there crimes in exchange for there information on certain technologies and techniques, operation paperclip was our version where the CIA and other US agencies hired and employed over 1,600 Nazi scientists some of them still collect retirement.

There are many facets to the grand narrative of our time and you couldn’t possible right all the obvious wrongs taking place. Not without changing at least a few things on a global scale and quite dramatically. However, if nobody starts to make the difference then there are no ideas to perpetuate into change. That is why we all must understand we CAN make a difference and I am not talking about all that “yes we can” smoke and mirrors. I am actually talking about making a REAL difference. It all starts with a little love, a little understanding, and action. Maybe a few people meeting in a coffee shop or chatting over the internet, then maybe they make a little organization or company. Things can go pretty fast from there if people are committed and the ideas are ones that benefit others. It would be amazing to see large groups of people agreeing on something that will actually benefit us all. So lets do it! Lets make that group of people right here and lets come up with some ideas to truly benefit all.

Understanding the Dangers of Depleted Uranium Munitions

By Matthew Gooch

Lost in the abyss of media deception and misrepresentation that surrounds our war on “terror” is the salient fact that a long list of countries from all around the globe are actively waging chemical and nuclear warfare in the middle-east. DU is a very dense metal that is made when fissionable uranium is separated from natural uranium to manufacture nuclear bombs and reactor fuel. It remains radioactive for about 4.5 billion years.

The most obvious damage is caused by the presence of this DU in the soil. This can create up to a hundredfold increase in uranium levels in ground water, according to the U.N. Environmental proThe world is a businessgram. The less obvious and more deadly damage to people is done when the round is fired and hits its target. Uranium-238 is pyrophoric, meaning it combusts when in contact with air so DU shells are burning as they fly and upon impact, ~70% of the projectile burns up creating a plume of ceramic DU oxide particles. This plume contains extremely fine ceramic uranium dust that is spread by the wind, inhaled by people and animals, and absorbed by plants, animals, and into the human body. The small particles are carried across vast distances until the rain takes them to the soil and water becoming interwoven into our food chain and water supply.

The first use of DU in war was by Israel under U.S. supervision in the Yom Kippur War in 1973 against the Arabs nations. By 2003 the United States had a stockpile of over 450,000 tons of pure DU stockpiled and has sold DU to over 29 countries. The military has done extensive research and testing with DU at gunnery ranges and civilian labs under contracts during 1974-1999 and currently 42 states have DU contamination. This contamination comes from the manufacture, testing, and deployment of depleted uranium. Some of the most extensive testing was done over decades at four bombing and gunnery ranges in Fallon, Nevada where thousands of tones of DU were used. Coincidental or not this area also harbors the fasted growing leukemia cluster in the U.S.

DUIt’s as if the decisions to use DU again and again have been made with gross ignorance; in fact, the spring before the first Gulf War started in 1990 the military released a report on DU discussing that a large amount of DU dust could be inhaled by soldiers and civilians during and after combat. Infantry would receive the highest exposures leading to cancers and kidney problems. By 2000 DU had been used in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and many other places.

A study conducted by Dr. Asaf Durakovic, director of a private, non-profit, Uranium Medical Research Center in Canada did a study on veterans suffering typical Gulf War Syndrome and found DU in their urine nine years after the war. There are many other leading officials that have had their findings pushed aside such as those by Dr. Doug Rokke who was an Army health physicist assigned in 1991 to the command staff of the 12th Preventive Medicine Command and 3rd U.S. Army Medical Command headquarters. He was recalled to active duty 20 years after serving in Vietnam, from his research job with the University of Illinois Physics Department, and sent to the Gulf to take charge of the DU cleanup operation. Rokke said: “Verified adverse health effects from personal experience, physicians and from personal reports from individuals with known DU exposures include reactive airway disease, neurological abnormalities, kidney stones and chronic kidney pain, rashes, vision degradation and night vision losses, lymphoma, various forms of skin and organ cancer, neuropsychological disorders, uranium in semen, sexual dysfunction and birth defects in offspring.”

It’s not like there were only a few ten thousand pounds of DU used in conflicts, there are estimates of 50,000+ metric tons of DU used by the U.S. in conflicts between 1990 and 2004 alone and the United States military along with others still continue to use DU in munitions to this day. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe amount of bombs dropped on Baghdad and Iraq is truly staggering at the height of the siege of Fallujah in the fall of 2004 Major Mike Sexton said this; “With a massive Marine air and ground offensive under way, ”a Marine press release said, “Marine close air support continues to put high-tech steel on target. Flying missions day and night for weeks, the fixed wing aircraft of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing are ensuring battlefield success on the front line.” Since the beginning of the war, the press release said, the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing alone had dropped more than five hundred thousand tons of ordnance. “This number is likely to be much higher by the end of operations,” Major Mike Sexton also said. In the battle for Fallujah, more than seven hundred Americans were killed or wounded; U.S. officials did not release estimates of civilian dead. In September 2009, Fallujah General Hospital in Iraq had 170 new babies, 24% of whom were dead within the first week, 75% of those babies were classified as deformed. In August 2002 there were 530 new born babies of whom ~1% was dead within the first seven days and only one birth defect was reported which was not classified as deformed. Doctors in Fallujah have also stated that, “a significant number of babies that do survive begin to develop severe disabilities at a later stage.”

“Which is worse, flash annihilation by nuclear explosions, or slow mutilation from low-level radiation, the result of radioactive contamination of the air, water and earth essential to life? Globally, we have been deceived about the health effects of radiation by bureaucratized governments informed by the military industrial complex and scientific power. In the past half-century, 1.3 billion people have been killed, maimed, and diseased by nuclear weapons and nuclear power.” ~ Leuren Moret – Berkeley, California June 2001

The use of DU munitions is clearly controversial and the defense industry needs to confront this issue in public light with independent research and overview. It is an example of how new, under tested, and toxic chemicals are being released into the ecosystem for the sake of security, resources, and politics. This is also a topic that I feel has been censored over the past decade as there has been a total media blackout on the topic of Deplete Uranium and its use as a weapon.


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Finding sources on this topic is especially difficult, most studies are produced by RAND corporation (and militarily funded).

A Trend of Corporate Globalization

By Matthew Gooch

Globalization can best be described as the world-wide integration of a global economic, cultural, or political systems. Economically, globalization is driven by trade and foreign investment based on resource availability and regulations. The concept of globalization can also be applied to cultural products (such as movies or music) or values (such as beliefs about human rights). Let us discuss the use of goods that are disposable and have short term life, otherwise known as consumables. To understand how we have come to this point we must understand human behavior and conditioning methods. Before the technological advancements of globalization, it would take days even months to get information from one continent to the other. Now with the click of a button you can send information around the world in seconds. You can talk in real-time to a person halfway around the world and even see their face. Those are some of the positive aspects of globalization. Globalization affects many technologies, cultures, and entire governments. Globalization more directly effects; advertising, mass media, politics, resource consumption, advancements in automation technology, and trade. Unfortunately most often we do not see the suffering of third world countries or understand questionable advertising. We only see lost jobs, massive outsourcing, product quality degradation and increasing prices. On the other side is environmental destruction, privatization, increasing prices and political manipulation.

Even though many people don’t like to accept it, times have changed and people are becoming more impatient when it comes to what they want. They are fed advertisements whenever not sleeping. What is happening now is an information domination that is controlling the mainstream topics of debate and entertainment.  To the older generation the manipulation comes in the form of traditional news and a bipartisan system with the illusion of choice. The young are taking advertising and the newest “fads” to heart. Meanwhile, the poisoning of our food, water, and air is accelerating and beginning to show it via the spikes in new and complicating diseases, the brain damage being done is also complex and takes years or decades to surface in most people. All a company has to do is take a product surround it with attractive people, money, and fast cars, then the consumer will make the connection to the use of the product as an expression to their status in society. If they can persuade your mind into believing that purchasing the product will better your life somehow then you will purchase it. The more high-to middle class Americans that find today’s vile and vulgar advertising morally, “ok,” then the bigger the trend for that style of advertising becomes.

I have written more in depth about this here:  https://innermitigation.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/corporations-lobbying-globalization-in-the-mass-media/

Fight for Your Right to Know


We have passed the point of no return, it’s to late to try and learn, we must continue on now, this is what we allow.

The cycle has begun, no chance for a dry run, altering the path now would have unimaginable consequences, we must come to our senses. There is no retreat, set in concrete, it’s knocking at our door, it has come to the fore.

Where we came from Isn’t there anymore.

It’s the rich against the poor.

Stop bickering, stop snickering,

about black and white,

or what they said tonight,

gay or straight,

don’t get irate,

about what they contrive

for us to arrive

so we can’t thrive.

Politicians ambitions

distortions about abortions

they distract your motions

and take the fight,

as they take flight

to where they benefit

so we can’t throw a fit

about the real cause,

and it’s because

they want you distracted

words they redacted,

they lie, steal, and cheat,

so together we must meet.

Enough faux pas,

without pause,

use your real eyes,

to realize,

these real lies,

don’t you know,

how it really go,

they’re trying to dumb you down,

so it’s time to take their crown,

time to retake your town.

Start local,

get vocal.



and energize.

Matthew Gooch 2015


I invite you to come to this place and share your thoughts, ideas, ways of life, and insights into ways in which we can all make this a better place.

More will come, it always does and with it we shall thrive. Lets shape our future and make it someplace full of love and comfort, exploration and excellence. The technologies exist right now to free everyone from manual labor, to provide all with fresh water, shelter, food, and basic electricity. There are technologies at the brink of creation that will bring us all internet, more accessible high power energy, and objects seemingly made from thin air. The space exploration industry is starting to grow as well. As we explore farther away we also explore deeper within. Self discovery, transhumanism or human technological integration, are changing who we are as humans and how we connect with our inner-selves and our body.

It is up to us to mold the future, never before has it been easier to forge bonds, connect with like-minded people from all over the globe, and collaborate on truly beneficial ideas, practices, and lifestyle choices as well as just generally discuss topics from why we exist or what is the meaning of purpose and the purpose of meaning.

Feel free to comment in one of the topics, currently it is set up so it comes in as a reply, some replies I will make into new threads for now, but soon the site will be updated to provide a more conducive place for people to hold active discussions on evolving topics. Check back soon for updates!



Intellectuals have long been glorified as champions of truth and defenders of society’s highest values.

But in Washington, they serve as Leviathan‘s Praetorian Guard. Intellectuals are thriving in DC thanks in large part to the ruinous policy advice they proffer.

The District of Columbia has 120 times more political scientists per capita than the rest of the nation. But rather than producing “good governance,” the 3,200 political scientists and legions of other would-be Brain Trusters provide endless excuses to further extend the federal sway. Intellectuals usually come to Washington to help politicians leash other Americans, not to leash the government. And since they presume their preferred policies are better than freedom, intellectuals propel government programs to force their inferiors to “take their medicine.”

Washington think tanks have proliferated at the same time federal policies have become far more intrusive and harebrained. There are now roughly 400 think tanks in the Washington area, some of which are little more than “cash machines for power” for politicians. Clifford May, the president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, commented in 2005: “It is the job of think tanks to create political capital. It is the job of politicians to spend it.”



See more articles like this https://mises.org/

‘Saving the Environment’

By Matthew Gooch

A response to the sad but partially true state of how people view environmental destruction. Although it has been on-going for a long long time, the poisoning of our planet has never been a hotter topic. In relation to 250+ years ago, we are much more “environmentally aware” on a mass scale, I just hope it’s not too late.

However, with all this awareness, individual entities (for example, international organizations, think tanks, governments, etc.) have the ability to wreak havoc on a much larger scale than ever before, and they do. Similarly we have never been able to heal the planet on such a large scale. The main culprit of destruction in our era is modern corporate mentality. There are a lot of things that stand out to me when people talk about this topic so here is my rant on the matter.

We aren’t the first ones to sit back and watch it burn. People nowadays like to think about native tribes in different regions as always being nature loving. Lets take our region for example, North America was most likely at one time or more, one of the more diverse places on the planet in relation to language, cultural, spiritual, environmental ideas and practice. Historians think that some tribes burned down large areas of forest to create grazing area for buffalo and other natives cut down the forest for other reasons like firewood and boats. There were also many tribes that considered all life sacred even the essence of plants and animals. Some tribes were peaceful traders and others raiding warriors. Some had forms of hierarchy similar to some republics we have today and others based entirely communal living to the point of not even having words like “you,” “me,” or “I” it was always “us” and “we.”

We don’t really know what happened or even what is happening (but we think we have some pretty good ideas). Most of knowledge has been lost throughout time, we only know about a part of whats missing and that part is a lot, so it’s probably safe to say that over 90% of historical knowledge has been lost or destroyed. Think of rivers running black with ink for months and regional libraries burning for days.

Scientists suggest that “natural warming” turned the Sahara to desert but I am sure that the ancient Egyptians had a major role in hacking down the Sahara rain-forest, maybe that’s how they moved all those blocks, there was no sand and they rolled them on logs, nobody really knows. We know for sure that the Romans not only cut down entire forests to prevent sneak attacks but also would sow salt into the ground to prevent the enemy from re-planting crops among other reasons, the Greeks and many other older civilizations did this as well. It is likely the reason why the “fertile crescent” is much less agriculturally productive than in the past.

Not to say that we can’t change it, we can and we have all the power. The technology exists to reverse environmental degradation on a mass scale, only there is no “profit” in it. The U.N. did a study a few years ago and determined it would only be a few hundred billion dollars to reverse not only the destruction of the enironment but to also end world hunger, sounds like a lot until you start crunching numbers and realize total global GDP for 2014 was ~75 trillion and the total global public debt is over 50 trillion. You can barley imagine the total global debt (if you can even calculate it) but I have read figures in the hundreds of trillions. Or that the Iraqi war cost and est. 6 trillion or the bush tax cuts was ~2 trillion of lost revenue for the govt….. why cant we just throw a few hundred billion on the stack for something that would benefit everybody in the entire planet? But hey, don’t take my word for it just do some research and find out for yourself, if you even care that is.