Nothing really ends, it just changes, and we can guide that change

Unstoppable ripples from every action and idea continues into infinity.

By: Matthew Gooch

Every action you make every idea you communicate unalterable influences other actions and ideas. Since everything is energy this can be imagined easily, its like a ripple of energy waves colliding with other energy waves off into infinity. If a flutterby’s flapping can cause a hurricane halfway around the earth then a lifetime of actions will permanently alter the course of the solar system? galaxy? who knows. Maybe if one or a few people would have not been born we would still use the term flutterby instead of butterfly.  Lets agree to disagree, otherwise we will spend the rest of our time in misery.

Or will we? I just laugh when people come at me with the attitude and mentality that there is no point in trying to change the grand narrative of our time because of this or that. Two wrongs don’t make a right, so, I guess its over now?

That is what the opposition wants to see, it’s a form of failure to think you’re powerless to change the circumstance you are in and give up. If you never understand what your capable of you won’t become capable of understanding how we have come so far as a human race with so many setbacks. Sounds confusing but basically, If you feel like you can’t win, you probably won’t.

Everything is changing constantly and people fight this, especially those with lots to loose, even if it’s only the possibility of loss, their paranoia sets in and they fight that chance. You can’t patch a broken arm with a broken splint and expect it to heal straight. The people in power are trying to “fix” the problems of today are doing just that. They know that people realize things are messed up and don’t know how to fix it but if we try to solve our problems with the same mindset that got us here we will fail, but they encourage us to do so because it benefits them that things don’t change, unless they want them to. In which case they will present us with the two accessible solutions that suit there needs.

Bail out the banks? why not, right? but how can they be encouraged to change the practices that got them there if we keep bailing them out? Everyone knows it’s the people on the bottom that suffer, yet they support it through blindly following corruptly misrepresented leadership. Leadership with a mindset you or I could never truly understand. People that were most often groomed for that position for years getting greedier and greedier with every kickback and successful swindling of the people.

Where did some of this mindset come from, well, economically we are still guided by ideas from people like Adam Smith speaking of the “invisible hand” that will magically correct our markets (I think we all know who’s hand it is and its only tipping the scale in their favor.) Companies are operating on principles based on endless land and resources.

Culturally, most of us have been raised watching TV and even if you weren’t most likely more than a few of the people in your social circle of influence were. Monkey see monkey do, a very simple way of stating the fact that our actions are the result of our input. All the way from back when we first became aware of patterns in phenomena happening around us. Subconsciously, we are actually quite easy to control on a behavior level. In order for this to be most effective it is important that critical thinking is removed from the equation to ensure subliminal messages are received constantly and not questioned on a conscious level. This happens through the mass media and established norms.

Structurally (and globally) our societies have been dominated in the larger part by a small group of wealthy and powerful people. I am talking about money you couldn’t spend in a hundred lifetimes. One of these families has hundreds of trillions, yes with a T, if you don’t know of whom I speak already, it’s the Rothschild family. Maybe your thinking about that Forbes list? And how they are not on it. It’s because they own it. Others include the Rockefeller family,  Strong family, and a handful of others that combined own over half of the wealth (the Pope included). Before these powerful groups were at opposition to one another, and some still are, however others have bonded together or eliminated to competition. In retrospect the group of people have gotten smaller in relation to the total population and in general. But the goal is always the same, more for them, less for us.

Most of our road and transportation infrastructure was built in large by companies and in order to serve there short term purpose like logging or mining or by government wanting better mobility of troops and supplies in case of invasion. For a long time, economy and efficiency was not really in the forefront of this planning. This causes us to waste resources and time on an outdated infrastructure when entirely new forms of technology should be proliferated to benefit everyone.

Almost all of industry has been guided by one goal and especially so as of late, maximum profits, traditionally, there is no variable for human life in most of the corporate world and their financial models, that is, unless in relation to the consumer. People displaced, injured, poisoned, maimed, and even killed are usually of little concern to large corporations (unless it’s made public on a large scale) regardless of what they attempt to convince you of. How can a company spend 1 billion promoting a 1 million dollar donation to some non-profit and come across as humanitarian. How can a mining company poison the land (and people who use that land) for hundreds if not thousands of years and still be allowed to continue doing business as usual (only in U.S. and a handful of countries would they be fined). How can an oil company destroy countless ecosystems doing irrepressible long-term damage and still be allowed to practice with only fines amounting to a few days worth of production profits for each mistake.

With most international corporations and organizations, on the global scheme of things, its all about conglomeration and merging power and money through force and dominance. The dirty little secret is that the masses have the power to stop it, literally in one day. Well, change the power structure at least. The trick with doing it that fast is there would have to be a mass revelation. It’s not totally unimaginable. During WWII soldiers on both sides stopped fighting for a few days and actually played soccer and met in “no-mans land” for a while until there superior officers demanded them start fighting and started killing people for deserting.

Random fact, only 19 people were convicted at the Nuremberg trials. Most were forgiven of there crimes in exchange for there information on certain technologies and techniques, operation paperclip was our version where the CIA and other US agencies hired and employed over 1,600 Nazi scientists some of them still collect retirement.

There are many facets to the grand narrative of our time and you couldn’t possible right all the obvious wrongs taking place. Not without changing at least a few things on a global scale and quite dramatically. However, if nobody starts to make the difference then there are no ideas to perpetuate into change. That is why we all must understand we CAN make a difference and I am not talking about all that “yes we can” smoke and mirrors. I am actually talking about making a REAL difference. It all starts with a little love, a little understanding, and action. Maybe a few people meeting in a coffee shop or chatting over the internet, then maybe they make a little organization or company. Things can go pretty fast from there if people are committed and the ideas are ones that benefit others. It would be amazing to see large groups of people agreeing on something that will actually benefit us all. So lets do it! Lets make that group of people right here and lets come up with some ideas to truly benefit all.