Lost Memories

A funny thing they are, always drifting around our minds elusively. Until that trigger, whether its a smell, a sound, or even a place, kicks those memories back into the foreground. Then the brief rush of associated memories, are also remembered. That is, at least we remember them because of the last time we thought of them. There they are thier though, always changing, mixing, fading, memories merging together to form events that may or may not have happened. If they did happen it is most likely not as you remember it.

Can we wear memories out? I often wonder that by thinking of some older things too much, we might somehow taint the meaning or purity of that moment. Maybe relative ideas and emotions that have happened since that memory will effect the overall impact of said recollection. I only ponder this as I remember the most profound and entrancing recollections are those that I had almost forgotten about, locked away by irrelevance or time. Usually come on with a flow of other memories, sometimes I can meditate on these and remember even more, unlocking memories like pulling a chain from a dark hole and the links are memories coming to light and splitting off with more chains attached.

Sometimes, although understandably  much less, I will have moments in which I remember a lack of knowledge, things I once knew. I am not talking about someones phone number. I mean an entire sense of emotion or feeling. The best way I can relate to this emotion is the way that people feel when they realize someone they new isn’t or wasn’t who they thought they were. Maybe they changed, or maybe they simply never were who you thought.

Everything in our lives add up always becoming more than there sum. Humans can relive those memories to keep the ideas, feelings, and moments that bring us joy and happiness. We can use them to empower us and help us remember what we have accomplished and experienced in our life. It can be a way for us to hold on to sanity during moments of duress.