This is where open source communities are linked and connected. Feel free to post or discuss your open source project or even just open source projects that interest you!  I am compiling useful DIY videos for simple projects here on my you-tube (hoping to integrate the two soon)

4 thoughts on “Open-Life

  1. Well my prototype for a self-sustaining travel trailer is road worthy again, reinforced the 3″ C Iron all the way to the back and added a support beam running down the middle too. Headed to the shop so that I can install another 500w of solar panels bringing my total up to 750 with another 500 watts of cells that I still need to link and install into a panel. I just cut up the rest of my stainless steel for the HHO generators and hooked up the first three tubes for solar heating. HHO will be used for cooking and minor heating. I will also being adding another axle so that it is a tandem setup. Photos coming soon!!!

  2. DAm I know I need to revive my 3d printer as it is in bad shape and need reassembling after my move to san diego. should be up and running in no time!

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